ACL Tear

My 14 year old daughter sustained a ACL tear playing soccer. She was able to work with Dimitry Polyakov after her ACL reconstruction surgery.

Dimitry was absolutely amazing with her during her rehabilitation! After 4 months of Physical Therapy she is ready to return to playing soccer and lacrosse!

Even her Orthopedic Surgeon (Hospital for Special Surgery) commented on the great progress she made with Dimitry while in Physical Therapy.

Thank you for everything Dimitry!!!

I highly recommend Dimitry and Total Physical Therapy to all.

I’m running 2 months after an ACL tear thanks to Dimitry! I believe he is the guy to see not only for physical therapy but for any physical imbalances causing pain.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount from him in a very short amount of time. He has helped me not only with my injury but with my workouts and daily movement. He is a great guy – highly knowledgable and a great communicator.

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Can’t say enough good things about Dimitry and Total Physical Therapy. Dimitry created a customized program with an approach specific to my needs. I was dealing with a herniated disc and wanted to avoid surgery. After the initial assessment, Dimitry attacked my overall biomechanics that caused the issue. Within a few sessions the progress was incredible! Most importantly, I understood the “what” and the “why” and have been able to translate that into my day-to-day lifestyle. In addition, videos of everything we worked on gave me a virtual coach and easy reference to ensure progress between sessions.

I have received physical therapy in the past and the cookie-cutter approach it offers. After working with Total Physical Therapy, I now know why the issues was never full resolved. The best way I can articulate this is to say I kept putting new tires on a car with terrible alignment. So of course one side kept wearing down. There’s still work to do, but I am very confident that I now have the proper foundation in place. I am more excited than ever to try to tackle them with a body that is functioning as optimally as possible.

Thank you Dimitry & Total-PT!

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I have been dealing with back problems for most of my adult life. After trying just about everything, including other physical therapists, I finally made the decision to have surgery on an extruded disk in December of 2016. Between the pain and lack of mobility before my surgery and the recovery after surgery, I was not able to work out for more than a year. I was recommended to Total Physical Therapy in Bernardsville and started working with Lauren Beasley Shanaphy.
Lauren was a breath of fresh air. Her approach was different than any other therapist I had previously worked with. She took the time to understand my history, what I had been through, my previous injuries and what my goals were for recovery. Lauren was especially interested in my knee surgery which was 30 years ago. Even though I came to her for rehabilitation on my back, she spent a lot of time working on my knee, my feet, neck, and shoulders.
She is interested in the functionality of my overall body. Lauren gave me a wide assortment of exercises designed to improve my movement and strength. She also spent a lot of time on breathing which includes blowing up a balloon.
The difference is amazing. She posts short videos of my exercises to a shared google page along with spreadsheets of those exercises geared towards strengthening different parts of my body. I then have the ability to review those videos when I am working out on my own. That gives me the confidence that I am doing them correctly and with the proper form.
Lauren is one of the most enthusiastic and positive people I have ever met. She inspires me to work hard to be the best I can be.
I recently texted her and called her “The Miracle Worker”.
I am now back to golfing after a year and half layoff. I am no longer standing on the sidelines watching my family enjoy themselves with different activities. I am participating right along with them.
Thank you Lauren for helping to give me my life back!

I just wanted you to know how well I’ve been doing! Before Eric had me come to you, I had basically just come to terms with the fact that the rest of my life was going to be based around my back pain. My business as a horse trainer was going to suffer. No heavy lifting, no standing for a long time, and no jumping horses. And if I did, I was going to have to take tons of Advil and not plan on doing anything the next few days. And I was only 27!
Before coming to you, a physical therapist local to me said that I just had to avoid certain things. Then I came to Total PT! You were able to find exactly what my weaknesses were-down to my breathing and teeth clenching! After just a few sessions, I learned how to manage my back and live my normal life. And if my back did start to become sore, I now don’t have to stop what I’m doing. I just have to pause and think of the techniques you taught me. It always turns out that I am doing one of those things wrong, and then once I fix it, the pain is gone.
Now my body has all the techniques memorized, so I don’t have to think about it anymore. You basically re-taught me how to use my body and it’s amazing. You have made such a difference in my life. Thank you so much!

I began working with Dimitry at Total Physical Therapy for a recurring lower back problems. Prior to Dimitry, I had worked with both physicians and chiropractors which provided short term relief, but my problems continued to re-surface.
Dimitry’s practical and holistic approach enabled me to better understand the source of my injury. Most importantly, he taught me how to fix it correctly and prevent the injury from coming back. The quick progress I was able to make while working with both Dimitry and Lauren was so encouraging. The practical knowledge I gained to help me with everyday function along with exercise was extremely helpful.
I would strongly recommend Total Physical Therapy! Dimitry’s innovative approach is not only unique but it provides one with a long term solution for fixing an injury which was something I was not able to find anywhere else.

I’ve suffered from right knee instability and knee dislocations for 13 years. I have always assuming that feeling shaky on my legs and missing out on activities was something I was just going to have to “deal with” for the rest of my life. 

Feeling frustrated and experiencing a broad range of related aches and pains, I visited Dimitry looking for a magic answer. He worked with me one on one, explaining to me the anatomical root of my problems and showing me a few foolproof exercises I could do to keep my instability in line. To my own dismay however, I did not listen! I stopped doing my exercises and any strength training altogether. I believed I “didn’t have the time” and if I did, preferred to do cardio because it “felt better.” Big mistake.

4 years later, I dislocated my left knee (which I thought had no problems) severely, tearing my MPFL (medial patellofemoral ligament) completely. This resulted in an MPFL reconstruction surgery, a triple whammy of procedures that pulled me out of my senior year of college early and left me unable to walk for about 5 months. The recovery time for this surgery is projected at a year to 16months.
Enter Dimitry for the 2nd time. This time, you better believe I listened to what he told me! Dimitry worked with me from the early days of post-op until 7 months out of the surgery. In the early days, he helped me avoid discouragement and celebrate the “small wins,” even if it meant bending my legs a few degrees more. From there Dimitry gave me the highest caliber of individualized attention and education. Instead of telling me just to do exercises, he walked me through why those specific exercises were crucial given my unique makeup. Most importantly, Dimitry taught me how to do few vitally important exercises very, very well. He helped me create a program that was realistic yet impactful. 2-3 times a week for 45 minutes to an hour. No exceptions.

As Dimitry told me many times, it’s not rocket science. Do his program in proper form, with consistency, and you will become stronger and move better. The difference is Dimitry’s personalized, truly concierge approach in assessing his clients and enabling them to take ownership of their recovery.

8 months after my surgery, I feel stronger and more empowered than ever. I just moved to San Francisco and am climbing hills like it’s no problem. But I make doing my exercises (or in my family as we call “doing our Dimitry”) a priority every week.

Thank you, Dimitry

PT with Dimitry was life changing!  He treats the source of the problem; not the symptom like many other PTs.  After 10 years of chronic pain in my hands Dimitry correctly diagnosed what a renowned hand surgeon and 2 other PTs missed. — The problem was with my neck and shoulders, not with my hands.

Before seeing Dimitry I was taking regular pain medications, treating with massages and wearing hand braces at work.  Now, a mere few months after treatment I have increased mobility in my hands, I don’t need to wear the braces and I only have sporadic mild discomfort in my hands.  I’m confident that where I had once resigned to live with the pain in my hands that I will soon be pain free!

I have been struggling with upper back and upper chest pain, accompanied with dizziness, for over 30 years. I have seen many doctors over the years and have tried many different ways to solve the problem, and at the very least, get some relief.  Unfortunately I have never been given a clear diagnosis and no treatment plan to this point has been effective. I started seeing Dimitry 2 months ago and for the first time I am seeing some real changes in the way I am feeling and the way my body is moving.  For each of my sessions Dimitry looks at how my body is functioning, and in my case, how it is not functioning properly.  I feel that for the entire session I am working with someone who is an expert on how the body should be working and more importantly, knows how to correct problems when he sees them.

If anyone suffers from chronic pain, they know how hopeless you can feel at times as no matter what you do nothing seems to work.  You start to ask the question “I am always in pain, what is going to make tomorrow any different?”.  Well, I have been very fortunate to meet Dimitry as he has completely restored my hope as I am clearly feeling much better and also understanding why.  As he works with me he shows me how my body is no longer functioning as optimally as it should and by making very small adjustments, the body can move properly and repair. This has been a very tough journey for me but at this point I know I am finally on the path to heal. I am very willing to do the work needed to get better, I just needed to find someone to set up the proper plan for me and I did.