We love our patients. We care about each and every patient that walks through our door. They have made a commitment to get better. They have made a decision to not only get better, but stay better by allowing us the opportunity to educate them from the ground up, literally. Our patients are given the tools to accomplish their goals.

We are more then happy to get our patients out of pain, but it’s ultimately up to them to stay that way. In order for that to occur, they need to understand their injury. They need to understand what the process is to get better. This way they will, in the end, know how to prevent recurrences and flare ups. We invest our time because your time is just as valuable. #movehealchange

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We are a small private practice. Small is good! Small works! Contrary to popular belief, growing like a weed is overrated! Because we are small we are able to do more in less time than other practices that do much less while taking up more of YOUR valuable time ⏰ .

While other physical therapy companies multiply like 🐰 & take up more real estate than nail salons in your respective town, Total-PT is staying exactly the same.

This allows us to never be too busy or too distracted to see YOU! Not just a part of you, but ALL of you. Because if we don’t pay attention to the details at every session – you will not get better! Getting you better is our jam! #movehealchange

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My experience: Incredible knowledge of what creates back pain from a root cause point of view and how to address that. Most modern techniques I have experienced as a long term back pain sufferer. The key is determination and education of how to take control rather than typical PT techniques where you are manipulated for temporary relief. Thanks Dimitry. I am forever grateful!

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How often do you need to go to physical therapy to get better?

Our version of the same question “below” has a bit of a twist‼️

How often do you need to go to Total-PT to STAY better?

Our patients are all smileswhen they know what to do if their pain starts to come back‼️ They’ve been heard, understood, taught & were able to learn how to move better & get themselves out of pain. We have three locations: Bernardsville, Summit & Bridgewater, New Jersey to help you get going!

We know that not every day is perfect, but that’s why it’s SO important that each client understands the process & doesn’t just follow the little yellow ball without understanding their condition. What were the reasons for the injury or complaint? What were the compensation patterns? How do we resolve them? How do we build in resilience and stability? How do we problem solve when you start to feel symptoms❓

Our patients understand that it’s up to them to stay better! It’s up to Total-PT to give them the tools that they need to succeed💥 #movehealchange

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Had a fantastic time breaking down movement with a couple of my amazing clients who just happen to want to move better while riding their horses🐎‼️

We do NOT assess/treat horses 🐴 – just wanted to start out with that☝️. But when a human moves poorly on the ground, you bet your ponies that their horses are going move differently when that human decides to use poor weight shifting strategies while riding them. These amazing animals are much more sensitive then we are so they will either shift properly or will react to your crappy movement compensations.

Working together with their trainer, we were able to come up with several cues & strategies that were able to correct a good amount of stubborn issues that were not being addressed through traditional means. 🙌👏

Thank you 🙏 Hunter’s Crossing Farm & Sarah Stewart for being such great hosts! We had a blast working with you! Cheers 🥂 to the possibilities. #movehealchange #equestrian

If you’re an athlete that plays on their feet, ankle sprains are a way of life. The good news is that it does not have to be. Why is it that R sided ankle sprains are more prevalent then L sided ankle sprains? Why is is that R sided feet tend to be more supinated (higher-arched) then L sided feet? Total Physical therapy treats the ankle sprain from it’s source – poor pelvic positioning and resultant femoral displacement in the hip socket.

Reach out to us to find out more about the services that we offer and how we can help you! #movehealchange