So here’s the info you’ve been looking for regarding headaches and why most people get them for “no reason”.   There is a reason silly!   It’s not really about the head.  It’s about the neck and it’s position on the body.  It’s all about alignment and what occurs underneath the head when you’re slouching or when you’re in a good sitting/standing position.  It’s that simple!  Check out the video for answers.

As I’ve approached age 70, I’ve had to deal with some of the inevitable issues of an aging body, including old problems that hadn’t been properly addressed in the first place. Dimitry is incredible as both a diagnostician and a teacher/healer. In your first hour of his undivided attention, you will probably learn more about your body than you’ve learned from any other health care professional in your life. Everyone I’ve referred to Dimitry has been very happy they saw him. He’s as good as it gets!

Now that you know what occurs in the shoulder region when you are in a slouch-sitting or slouch-standing position – take a look at how poor posture impacts the mobility of your neck or cervical spine.  Most patients who suffer from cervical problems have this limitation because most patients w/ cervical problems sit for a living, weather they’re carpooling all day in the car  or are executives who commute in the car and then sit all day only to get back into the car to commute home.  Check out the radical change in mobility of your neck from just one simple movement adjustment – just you watch!

Do we all stand the appropriate way?  Do we slouch when we stand?  How do we know?  Most of the time we actually “hang” on our muscles and joints and don’t even engage them appropriately.  This video shows you what happens when you break down and how to begin to address these issues.  Check it out!