Kim (Shoulder Pain) – Madison, New Jersey

Our patients always say it best‼️ They’re the ones going through the change. They’re the ones that are learning how to change how they move so they can always move better and really understand what to do when things go south. Life is tricky. You need to be resilient because you’re not always going to move well. Total Physical Therapy is here to give you that resilience. The ability to overcome and to bounce back without ‘having an episode,’ or ‘blowing your back out again.’

We have offices in Bernardsville, Summit and Bridgewater and every session is only with one therapist. We spend up to 90 minutes assessing and diagnosing the root cause of every complaint. We then educate and treat the pateint and make sure that they know how to get better and stay better.

Are you ready for a change? #movehealchange

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