For nearly a decade, Dr. Dimitry Polyakov was a frustrated staff physical therapist working at a large rehabilitation company treating an average of 30 patients per day and 150 patients each week. There were many therapists, PT assistants, PT aides and even more hours spent pushing paperwork back and forth between clinics and insurance companies. The care suffered and the patients were not getting better—in fact, outcomes were getting worse. Dimitry was not able to put his experience, knowledge and skills to use and he knew there had to be a better way to connect with and treat his patients.

In 2002 Dimitry decided to walk away from what he calls the “Walmart effect” that he observed first-hand over the last decade and opened the doors to Total Physical Therapy. Choosing quality over quantity, Total-PT started as a concierge practice prioritizing patient relationships and trust that lead to successful long-term results, one patient at a time. As demand grew through word-of-mouth referrals and success stories, Dimitry sought out a second therapist whose approach would compliment and enhance the practice. In early 2012 after discovering parallel career paths, Dimitry asked Lauren Beasley to join Total-PT where her skills and expertise would broaden the success of the practice.

For the past 21 years , Total Physical Therapy has been successfully helping clients where traditional practices fall short, making our clinic a destination facility for the likes of high school, collegiate, and professional athletes as well as industry leaders and fortune 100 CEO’s.