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TJ Martino was on hand helping out the future of soccer ⚽️ at Top Corner Sports in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Movement screenings for injury risk prevetion at SALA (Scholar Athlete Leadership Acadamy Central,) were provided for athletes that are part of the soccer program. TJ was able to meet with the coaches and discuss results of biomechanical faults that plague high-level soccer players after the screenings were performed.

Our Summit, New Jersey office is located inside Crossfit Veracity, a Crossfit gym located in the heart of downtown Summit. We are part of the community of Summit, New Jersey and aim at providing concierge physical therapy services to patients who require the best care possible with results that are worth their investment.

Total Physical Therapy Summit New Jersey

How do we get our patients better❓We teach 1 patient at a time‼️

You cannot get someone to stay out of pain if they don’t move well first! How do you move well? You have to teach. How can you learn if your PT doesn’t take the time out to teach, show, practice & review what you’re doing & how you’re doing it

Taking videos, pictures, slow-motion videos, etc. and sharing them with your patients makes a huge difference.

These are all tools that we use to educate our patients so they don’t just feel better today, but feel better tomorrow and stay better 1 year from tomorrow. 💥 #movehealchange

Total Physical Thearpy Summit New Jersey

Heard on a @timferriss podcast recently & it really resonated with me‼️

Fits most applications in our world as well as yours. What’s your pace? Is it appropriate for your goals, dreams, aspirations❓ When do you want to get “there❓” #movehealchange
We tell most clients who are interested in our services that we want them to learn how to treat themselves rather then relying on us to treat them. Of course we do treat our patients, but ultimately we wish for them to understand their injury and their pain. We need them to learn how to move better and be aware of their posture and movement patterns. We want them to practice their movements and learn their movements between sessions. This creates patterns and habits that then replace the compensatory strategies that created their pain in the first place.
This allows us to treat our clients 1-2x/wk for only a few weeks instead of having someone commit to spending hours upon hours each week being stuck in physical therapy getting passive modalities and relying on someone else to ‘fix’ them rather then learning how to fix themselves.

Physical Therapy Summit NJ

Connect with each patient as if that client was to be the match that lights the fuse to what you dream of when it comes to your PT practice‼️ Will that client go home & talk about how amazing 🙌 her session was with you❓

. . . & if you’re the patient & are working with a PT that does not have the enthusiasm 🎉 that I’m talking about, you should ask him or her why. It’s most likely their environment & not you. Ask them if they have the time ⏰ to be able to treat the way they would want to treat their patients. Betcha you already know the answer to that question ✊ #movehealchange

Total PT Summit New Jersey

I have previously worked with other physical therapists and, hands down, Dimitry Polyakov and Total Physical Therapy are the BEST! Their focus, caring and responsiveness is unparalleled. Their unique approach generated quick results and not only improved my troubled back but also improved my overall body. The use of instructional videos of my myself to refer to when performing exercises at home enhanced my workouts. It is ironic that I actually enjoyed my time doing PT with Dimitry.

Summit New Jersey Total PHysical Therapy

Our bodies crave stability. What’s your stability strategy in stance❓Betcha it looks something like this! ⬆️

Short, tight & neurologically facilitated backs coupled with long & neurologically inhibited abs create a snowball effect that can create compensatory patterning, torque & pain anywhere above & below the pelvis & ribs ☝️.

But it’s super duper stable tho!

Patterns are habits. Sometimes we can’t escape them. Unless we’re shown that it’s possible. Then we practice🙌

What’s your stability pattern❓ . . .I mean habit⁉️ #movehealchange

Total Physical Therapy Summit New Jersey

Spending time on EDUCATION  with each patient is our jam❗️

That’s why our patients STAY BETTER 🙌 after they get better‼️

Breaking down their posture, stance, gait, hardware, software & making them realize that they’re in control of their recovery is a HUGE 👐 deal. We’re just the conductor 🎼 – they’re the 🎻 . They better know how to play it‼️👊💪#movehealchange

Summit New Jersey Total Physical Therapy

Our clients are all smiles 😃. . . but WHY❓

They can go hiking, play golf & run around with their kids because they’re pain free . . . . but HOW❓

They’ve put in a solid week of work ✊ in-house as well as doing all the right things at 🏠! … but what exactly is the secret sauce⁉️

DM us & we can chat! 💪 #movehealchange