Summit Bernardsville Bridgewater Physical Therapy

I have been dealing with back problems for most of my adult life. After trying just about everything, including other physical therapists, I finally made the decision to have surgery on an extruded disk in December of 2016. Between the pain and lack of mobility before my surgery and the recovery after surgery, I was not able to work out for more than a year. I was recommended to Total Physical Therapy in Bernardsville and started working with Lauren Beasley Shanaphy.
Lauren was a breath of fresh air. Her approach was different than any other therapist I had previously worked with. She took the time to understand my history, what I had been through, my previous injuries and what my goals were for recovery. Lauren was especially interested in my knee surgery which was 30 years ago. Even though I came to her for rehabilitation on my back, she spent a lot of time working on my knee, my feet, neck, and shoulders.
She is interested in the functionality of my overall body. Lauren gave me a wide assortment of exercises designed to improve my movement and strength. She also spent a lot of time on breathing which includes blowing up a balloon.
The difference is amazing. She posts short videos of my exercises to a shared google page along with spreadsheets of those exercises geared towards strengthening different parts of my body. I then have the ability to review those videos when I am working out on my own. That gives me the confidence that I am doing them correctly and with the proper form.
Lauren is one of the most enthusiastic and positive people I have ever met. She inspires me to work hard to be the best I can be.
I recently texted her and called her “The Miracle Worker”.
I am now back to golfing after a year and half layoff. I am no longer standing on the sidelines watching my family enjoy themselves with different activities. I am participating right along with them.
Thank you Lauren for helping to give me my life back!