Clients come to us because of pain, often only occurring on one side and they do not understand why. They may also notice that they always lean on one leg more then the other, sit with one leg always crossed on top, arch their back, or have one shoulder higher than the other. Simply put, these findings often represent clear signs of imbalance between joints, bones, muscles and other soft tissue in the body. These and other asymmetries are very common and are explained, assessed, and treated using principles taught by the Postural Restoration Institute or PRI.

The causes of asymmetry or imbalance are many, but a core principle of PRI is that we are inherently not symmetrical to begin with. We have one heart located on the left, one liver located on the right, and so on. This organ asymmetry sets us up for imbalance and soft tissue adaptation that in turn can result in modified patterns of movement on both sides of the body, in all three planes of motion. Furthermore, our environments, sports, hand dominance, history of injury, and more all compound these asymmetries and strengthen our imbalances and compensations.

Postural Restoration Institute

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The teachings and techniques from PRI offer an integrated movement assessment and treatment paradigm that considers the influence of muscles, bones, breathing, and alignment has on proper movement patterning. From this approach, we are able to understand, explain, and address faulty patterns of movement that are commonly at the root of our clients’ symptoms and efficiently get rid of their pain.

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