Posture and alignment

I’ll say this, if you’re living within his treatment area in NJ and are living “in pain” or “off-center” in any way, you really should go see Dimitry Polyakov at Total Physical Therapy.

Here is my story:
We go to the same pool and the kids/parents are all buddies. One day Dimitry came over to me and said, “I’ve been watching you all day and you’ve been standing on your right foot all day.” Then we chatted about life, weight loss, awful posture, and such…. then I became cognizant of it while I was only standing on my right foot. I eventually reached out to Dimitry and made an appointment. He immediately noted that my rib cage was higher and off to the left side of my body and that my right leg was “longer” than my left leg. 3-4 sessions later, my chest was almost level and straight and my legs were basically the same length. I did put in the work and seriously did all assigned exercises as assigned. I’m taller (standing up taller), I don’t have chest pain, and every so often I breath deep down into my flanks (i.e. love handles). For those of you who think you cannot break a sweat doing nothing but deep breathing exercises in various positions, you might be wrong…

concierge physical therapy

I first came to Dimitry with lower back pain that I could not figure out. As a personal trainer struggling with my own pain was frustrating to say the least. As everyone else has mentioned, Dimitry is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the human body and is an exceptional communicator, but he is also extremely kind and generous with his time.

He has helped me understand the body in a way no one else in the field has and has given me the tools to manage my pain. He has also made me a better trainer and through his helping me I have been better able to help others. All around it has been a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

low back pain

Dimitry is incredibly knowledgeable and helped me understand the whole picture of how the different problems with my body relate to & cause one another. This was the first time someone has been able to give me the ability to comprehend how it all works and the realistic belief that I can get better.

He doesn’t try to treat just one problem from one type of angle like many specialists and doctors do; he gives you a comprehensive explanation and strategy to resolve the interconnected issues at hand. He’s very approachable and reassuring, and I never felt like an anomaly or like there was no hope. 10/10 would  be recommended!!!

soccer injury

I am so happy and thankful to share that we watched him have a brilliant game this past Saturday. The first since you have been working with him. Coach Sam was amazed at his performance as well. Dom feels different as a result of his ‘Dimitry workouts’ and he says he definitely feels a change in his body. Feeling truly grateful and blessed for your work with our guy.

tennis elbow

I was experiencing pain in my elbow that was limiting my exercise routine. My initial physical therapist was treating it in a vacuum as an elbow only issue.

Lauren was a second opinion and as part of her initial assessment, instantly determined that it wasn’t an elbow issue, rather an issue with my overall core and the surrounding support structure. Once she helped me build up strength within those supporting areas (back, shoulders, core, etc), the elbow issue was resolved.

At the end of it all, she triggered a different way of thinking for me. A mindset in the context of exercise and total body health, which has continued several years later with zero elbow pain/limitations.

I also appreciated Lauren’s flexibility in scheduling, as my work schedule is not the easiest to work around and Lauren made the calendaring process easy.

cervical disc herniation

Over the past 2 years I struggled with a herniated disc in my cervical region. During this time, I have seen multiple doctors and physical therapists. After my recent surgery, my doctor did refer me to Dimity due to problems I was still having and my active lifestyle. With little to no expectation based on prior PT experiences, I did make an appointment.

What I experienced was nothing I have experienced in the past. It was a comprehensive approach to healing. Not just treating the symptom, but treating the underlying imbalances within my body.

During my 4 sessions, we identified the underlying issues, strengthened my imbalances, and most importantly I learned how to maintain this state.

The results have been drastic and obvious and it has been an incredible experience.

I will never go back to a traditional physical therapist after meeting Dimitry.

knee pain

Go see Lauren! I was very close to having knee surgery when a friend recommended I go see Lauren first. Thankfully I did and a month or so later, I was pain free! And still am two years later. I’ve been back for some other minor issues (shoulder/heel) which she has also remedied. She clearly communicates what you need to do after every appointment – including videos to show proper movement. She is truly amazing! Thank you Lauren!

patellar tendon Repair
I owe my successful recovery to Lauren Beasley!!
I suffered a complete quadricep tendon tear. This required immobilization of my leg for over 6 weeks. This was all followed by intense Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy was performed with another physical therapist for several months, but there was very little progress. I was getting worried that I would never walk cleanly again.
Someone recommended Lauren and thank GD!
She jump-started my successful recovery and helped me get back on track. Lauren Beasley is extremely knowledgeable, innovative, encouraging and frankly a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend Lauren enough!
ACL Tear

My 14 year old daughter sustained a ACL tear playing soccer. She was able to work with Dimitry Polyakov after her ACL reconstruction surgery.

Dimitry was absolutely amazing with her during her rehabilitation! After 4 months of Physical Therapy she is ready to return to playing soccer and lacrosse!

Even her Orthopedic Surgeon (Hospital for Special Surgery) commented on the great progress she made with Dimitry while in Physical Therapy.

Thank you for everything Dimitry!!!

I highly recommend Dimitry and Total Physical Therapy to all.

I’m running 2 months after an ACL tear thanks to Dimitry! I believe he is the guy to see not only for physical therapy but for any physical imbalances causing pain.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount from him in a very short amount of time. He has helped me not only with my injury but with my workouts and daily movement. He is a great guy – highly knowledgable and a great communicator.