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Note: This is the first time I have endorsed a business or professional.

I was referred to Dimitry by three separate people who all commented that he helped keep them out of surgery. I was struggling with a hip/back problem for six months and an on/off ankle issue for seven years. I visited specialists, pursued PT, and other treatments. None worked.

I visited Dimitry three times for a total of 3.5 hours. His approach was different. He was able to address structural issues that I was not aware I had. He provided me with an easy to follow routine that was not time consuming (5 minutes, 2x/day for the first two weeks) and focused on alignment, breathing, and a few functional movements.

I figured my back would get better but I was skeptical that my ankle would improve because it had been so long. I am now running 5 miles 3-4 times per week without any issues.

Furthermore, I brought my fifteen year old daughter that was having back issues related to gymnastics. He diagnosed various issues, gave her a routine that was tailored to her and she is tumbling again after two weeks.

Dimitry knows his stuff and fixes people

Total Physical Therapy Summit New Jersey

I went to see Dimitry for lower left back and hip pain that came out of absolutely no where. It lingered for days without any improvement. I made an appointment with Dimitry who got me into his office immediately, and I couldn’t believe the improvement within the hour time frame I spent with him. I left his office feeling 80% better and with the exercises he gave me I’m sure I’ll be back to 100% by the end of the weekend. Thank you so much Dimitry, you are an incredible physical therapist and I’m so grateful for all of your help. Looking forward to getting back to yoga practice on Monday. Thank you!!

ACL physical therapy mendham NJ

Dimitry not only helped my son recover from a terrible ACL, MCL & Meniscus surgery less than a year earlier.
He uncovered issues with my son’s core breathing and balance which he gave him exercises to correct.
He also helped him further develop his running and referred us to a top running speed coach. He not only healed properly, he has become better than before!
Dimitry is the most knowledgeable therapist I have ever seen. His skills are unmatched!!

Simply the Best!!

low back pain summit nj

I was recommended to Dimitry after inuring my back (L1-L2 & L4-L5 previous injuries) in October 2023. After coming up with a comprehensive plan, strategy and targeted sessions and exercises – I am back to 100% due to his expertise and treatment. I overwhelmingly endorse Dr. Dimitry at Total Physical Therapy for those in need of help.

neck pain

Dimitry helped me regain full movement of my shoulder and explained it wasn’t an injury in my shoulder but actually a neck strain issue. I came in a sling and left without it!

I cannot recommend TPT enough! Dimitry is not only extremely talented, but also empathetic and kind. He’s excellent and breaking down complex concepts into easily-digestible bits of information. You will leave his office feeling 10x better than you did when you entered! If you’ve been suffering with pain and struggling to find an answer, look no further.

Really appreciated the fact that he was able to fit me into his schedule quickly as I am heading to Italy in a few days and couldn’t wait.

Summit Bernardsville Bridgewater Physical Therapy

I started to see Dimitry a number of months ago. I participated in contact and high-impact sports for many years and had been experiencing chronic pain, particularly in my hip and neck on opposite sides. I have had three cervical surgeries and am fused C4-T1.

He quickly determined that the two pain points were related and set me up with a series of exercises that I do nearly every day. They involve learning to breathe better/more efficiently and repositioning to improve mechanics. It is a very different form of PT than I have ever done before.

I saw results very quickly and pain relief has been significant. I am now able to exercise much more vigorously that I was able to before I started seeing Dimitry and importantly am no longer taking anti-inflammatories which was a primary goal. I feel like I am about 70% of the way to full pain relief which I did not think was possible before I started seeing Dimitry.

‘I am most grateful to him! This PT program has changed my life for the better! We will stay at it together until we get to the finish line which is now in sight.

girls lacrosse nj

Wow! Wow!! Dimitry worked wonders with Gracie and her L5 stress fracture. Not only did he rehab so she could get back to the lacrosse field quickly and safely, he also identified her imbalances that led to her injury! It was truly amazing what he did for our daughter. Very very grateful he was recommended to us.

Softball low back pain

Dimitry is outstanding! If you are a serious athlete who wants to get back on the field quicker and stronger, he is your guy. He has an incredible grasp of the way the body moves, the body asymmetry our year-round sports cause, and how to help the body strengthen back into place. He is hands on, shares his knowledge in an accessible way, and is generous with his time. My daughter is back playing club softball and we owe so much to Dimitri. Highly, highly recommend.

Neck pain radiculopathy

If you want the most impactful physical therapist you will ever meet, please consider seeing Dimitry at Total Physical Therapy. I have never met somebody with the in-depth knowledge and experience in how to treat the entire body as the majority of the time, what is hurting you is coming from or as a result of another part of the body not functioning effectively. You will be amazed at his ability to educate you and then heal you.

My understanding of the power of the breath came from Dimitry and it changed my life and overall well being. My entire family goes to Dimitry and it’s money very well spent as he sets you up for success for the long term.

low back pain

If I could give 10 (out of 5) stars for Dimitry I would. If you are someone who is struggling with pain and have been through years of prescribed PT (that doesn’t help), have limited or completely removed the exercises or sports from your daily life that you once enjoyed (due to pain), or have been on the hunt for a FIX to your pain issues, Dimitry at Total PT is your only answer. Dimitry has helped me overcome my back pain, which impacted my lifestyle for 5 years before working with him. He has gotten me back to being pain free and back to doing exercises and movements I never thought I’d be able to do. I refer Dimitry at every opportunity I can. Yes, he’s expensive, but you get what you pay for and there is no price to your health. Thank you, D!