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I could not recommend Dimitry more highly. After a year working with my chiropractor, trying to get to a point where I could function somewhat normally with constantly painful discs in my neck, I finally gave in and went to a spinal surgeon. I was in constant pain, and unable to enjoy any of the physical activities that I loved.

Lucky for me, the surgeon sent me to Dimirty first, before trying surgery. Dimitry was able to accomplish in one month what my chiropractor could not do in a year… and I never needed the surgery! I am playing tennis now and living a normal, pain-free life! I had to put in the work and do my exercises as instructed, but it was so worth it! Thank you, Dimitry, for giving me my life back!

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I have been dealing with sciatic nerve pain that was traveling all the way down my left leg. My daughter recommended seeing Dimitry for a consultation. The consultation was very thorough. He let me explain everything that was going on and then devised a plan of action and said, “I can fix you!”

Within 3 days of performing Dimitry’s exercises, I could feel a difference. And now, not quite a week later, there has been a vast improvement in my condition. There is no way I can say enough positive things about Dimitry. This man has a healing gift. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He deserves more than 5 stars. THANK YOU, DIMITRY!!

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Chest out & Shoulder Back! Some of our clients tell us that this is what they were told as a strategy for good standing posture. The main problem is that they were told this 30-40 years ago. Yet I still have clients come in & stand exactly like that day in and day out🙄

Chances are there are better cues for good standing posture in 2019 – better than this guy! Note how most of his body is in front of the plum line. That means that he has a forward weight shift. That places excessive strain/load through the toes, meaning that his toe flexors, calves, quads and back muscles are going to have to work much harder to keep him upright.

This creates an excessive lumbar curve and that has many implications, the biggest of which is down-regulating abdominal tension, increased compression of the lumbar spine, increased tone of the back muscles & restricted ability to breathe (specifically exhalation!) That creates a necessity to flare the anterior rib-cage which leads to apical breathing patterns and excessive engagement of neck muscles – cue neck pain 😭!

Ideally the plum line should split this guy in 1/2 (front to back.) Then his center of mass is exactly that – centered. That means his abs and glutei are on & his calves/quads & back muscles are not overloaded when standing. Ribs are down allowing him to exhale better 💨 – which allow him to inhale better into the posterior thorax! 💥 Easier said than done.

But we do that here at Total-PT! Better yet, we find out the reasons for why people default to standing this way & give them really great software upgrades. So it’s very 2019! #movehealchange

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Dimitry is hands down amazing. My back went out in 2012 while I was teaching one of my cardio classes at the gym. I could barely move. An MRI showed a bulged disc. The Dr just gave me a bunch of muscle relaxers that did not fix the problem. I had foot drop on my left side and lost a lot of strength in that leg.

Dimitry was recommended by friends and in one session after an evaluation, some muscle palpation, and prescribed exercises my body was more in balance and I was feeling much better. In one week I had 90% of the strength back in my left leg.

To this day if my back feels a little funny I do Dimitry’s homework and I’m right back to normal.
I recently sent my father to him for lower back pain as well and he is thrilled, feeling much better, and calling Dimitry a miracle worker.

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My experience: Incredible knowledge of what creates back pain from a root cause point of view and how to address that. Most modern techniques I have experienced as a long term back pain sufferer. The key is determination and education of how to take control rather than typical PT techniques where you are manipulated for temporary relief. Thanks Dimitry. I am forever grateful!

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STOP STRETCHING YOUR HAMSTRINGS‼️ There’s a better way to get them to let go! Find out WHY they feel tight.☝️

This guy said he had tight hamstrings, BUT by the end of our 2nd session in 8 days, he was able to almost palm the floor for the first time in his life‼️

NO stretching was performed during PT or at home😮! Just TEACHING him how to create tension with his hamstrings, abs & glutes while working on inhalation & exhalation 💨 in a proper orientation so his pelvis & ribs could get into an ideal position.

Questions? Reach out to us & we can chat‼️ 💥

Our Summit, New Jersey office is located inside Crossfit Veracity, a Crossfit gym located in the heart of downtown Summit. We are part of the community of Summit, New Jersey and aim at providing concierge physical therapy services to patients who require the best care possible with results that are worth their investment.

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I have previously worked with other physical therapists and, hands down, Dimitry Polyakov and Total Physical Therapy are the BEST! Their focus, caring and responsiveness is unparalleled. Their unique approach generated quick results and not only improved my troubled back but also improved my overall body. The use of instructional videos of my myself to refer to when performing exercises at home enhanced my workouts. It is ironic that I actually enjoyed my time doing PT with Dimitry.

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L-before😞 R – AFTER!😃👍

lumbar spines are never meant to pucker🍋. Save that for your lips!💋 They’re definitely NOT meant to deviate to the ↗️RIGHT if there’s no clinical signs of scoliosis (look @ space b/w body and L/R arms in L pic!)

That’s a lower ⬇️R shoulder and higher ⬆️L shoulder.

That’s L cervical ⬅️side-bending & rotation.

When you hold your breath for everything, you tend to end up looking a bit like this! ☝️

Your respiratory diaphragm will torque that lumbar spine and pelvis into slight & subtle R lumbopelvic rotation over time … thus creating a relative long R leg and short L leg …. thus creating reflexive counter-rotation of your rib cage to the L

Where’s the pain? Don’t care (I do, BUT I don’t) I care about POSITION & TENSION‼️

Let’s change position! Let’s unwind & create tension in a better ORIENTATION‼️

Then let’s stabilize & MOVE PAIN FREE!💡