physical therapy summit new jersey

Have you had #physicaltherapy like it’s 1999? (sorry @prince)
Do you start w/ hot packs followed by ultrasound?😕Then you go through a few exercises on your own while no one is watching your form?😟Do you finish up w/ a short massage, ice & e-stim?😩 Do you repeat that 3x/wk for 6-8weeks?Hmmmm . . . . .

You know that you can do heat and ice @ home for free right? 😠You also know that you can now get an E-stim unit for under $40 on Amazon or CVS & do that at home for free too… right? OK, just sayin’!

With an average co-pay of $35 – the above course of treatment will run you close to $900 out-of-pocket💰(that’s with a conservative estimate of in-network co-pay pricing folks!) –
Hmmmm . . . Some of us may have done that too back in 1999, but I heard there are better options out there now!💥 #movehealchange #sundayrant

one on one scheduling

Here is our @totalptnj ‘front desk staff’ answering an email remotely from a client trying to schedule an appointment ASAP.

Hint: we have NO front desk staff. We have NO answering service. We have YOUR physical therapist answering YOUR email and or phone call & working with YOU to coordinate services. That’s how we roll folks!


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