Everyone’s heard of Sciaica. How do you stretch out the nerve? Can you? While we are at it lets take care of the Femoral nerve as well. Everyone knows that your muscles tighten up over time and you need to stretch them out.  Well . . . your nerves get tight as well and you need to know how to ‘floss’ them out so you can get rid of the ‘fuzz!’  Sure beats having pain. Check this out!


So here you go boys and girls.  Last video was about stretching the Median nerve on your own & this one talks about the other two, Radial and Ulnar Nerve.  All can cause serious fuzz issues and pain.  All you need to do is learn how to stretch them out safely and you’re way ahead of the rest of the boys and girls out there complaining about numbness and pain.  Check these out and try them.  Contact me w/ questions as always!