ACL Surgery and PT

We have the BEST patients! Even though Olivia is going through ACL rehabilitation, she still found time to wish Dimitry happy Birthday!

Thanks for the early birthday surprise pistachios. She just gets me!


“He needs to stretch his hamstrings” -every doctor who has seen this client touch his toes.
Guess what ⁉️ At a glance you can see where they might come to this conclusion (picture on the left ⬅️) but…everyone knows what happens when you make assumptions!
This is not a magical before and after in one session, but the result from assessing, reassessing & assessing some more…AKA putting in the time. His straight leg raise was good – a test that indicates this is not an issue with hamstring flexibility.
The key 🔑 for this client was improving his strategy—working on control of his spine, pelvis, and hips💪 Stretching his hamstrings would have been an easy intervention to choose (likely ineffective), but we don’t do easy…we do thorough. 👊 #movehealchange

cervical disc herniation

Over the past 2 years I struggled with a herniated disc in my cervical region. During this time, I have seen multiple doctors and physical therapists. After my recent surgery, my doctor did refer me to Dimity due to problems I was still having and my active lifestyle. With little to no expectation based on prior PT experiences, I did make an appointment.

What I experienced was nothing I have experienced in the past. It was a comprehensive approach to healing. Not just treating the symptom, but treating the underlying imbalances within my body.

During my 4 sessions, we identified the underlying issues, strengthened my imbalances, and most importantly I learned how to maintain this state.

The results have been drastic and obvious and it has been an incredible experience.

I will never go back to a traditional physical therapist after meeting Dimitry.

plantar fasciits summit nj

Remember these beauties 👣 from about 1 mo. ago? She was the client with the Right over-supinated foot and 30+yr. history of Right groin pain who was told she needed orthotics for her ‘flat feet?’

This observation was NOT the main focus, but I decided to keep an out to see if this would change.
3 sessions later & working on her hip movement, thorax, breathing patterns during dynamic motion & BAM! 💥
R Foot looks real pretty now!🌟 No orthotics needed folks! 🙌 But lots of work near those hips 🍑yielded some pretty interesting results down the kinetic chain!

Oh . . . .& that 30+yr. history of groin pain? Well … that’s now history as well!! Poof 💨

#movehealchange @totalptnj.

Hip Strength, Abduction & foot pain

Using band walks for glute activation 🍑? The lower left picture shows our client trying to engage hip muscles with the band but struggling to align the knee over the ankle—an indication that those glutes just don’t want to do their job!

When verbal cues and tactile cues 👉 just don’t do the trick, consider that the muscles don’t know what it feels like to engage. A quick set of isometric holds in sidelying (top picture) allowed her to successfully “find and feel” her glutes 💪 and 1 minute later executed a much more productive band walk, shown bottom right 🙌.

This simple change relieved her plantar fascia pain ✅ #magic

knee pain

Go see Lauren! I was very close to having knee surgery when a friend recommended I go see Lauren first. Thankfully I did and a month or so later, I was pain free! And still am two years later. I’ve been back for some other minor issues (shoulder/heel) which she has also remedied. She clearly communicates what you need to do after every appointment – including videos to show proper movement. She is truly amazing! Thank you Lauren!

Neck Pain or Position Fault

2 sessions over a span of 2 weeks! Neck pain to NO PAIN!💥. Real work & real follow-through💪🏼. If WE work at this together then YOU can get THIS 🏆.

— Definitely NOT 3x/wk for 4-6 wks. w/different PT’s, hot packs, electric-stim, arm raises, neck circles, & ice all while reading In Touch Magazine & watching SportsCenter on TV . We DON’T give you this ☝️.

— Oh . . . & we also give you your TIME back!! 🙌. — You’re welcome 👋

one on one scheduling

Here is our @totalptnj ‘front desk staff’ answering an email remotely from a client trying to schedule an appointment ASAP.

Hint: we have NO front desk staff. We have NO answering service. We have YOUR physical therapist answering YOUR email and or phone call & working with YOU to coordinate services. That’s how we roll folks!


patellar tendon Repair
I owe my successful recovery to Lauren Beasley!!
I suffered a complete quadricep tendon tear. This required immobilization of my leg for over 6 weeks. This was all followed by intense Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy was performed with another physical therapist for several months, but there was very little progress. I was getting worried that I would never walk cleanly again.
Someone recommended Lauren and thank GD!
She jump-started my successful recovery and helped me get back on track. Lauren Beasley is extremely knowledgeable, innovative, encouraging and frankly a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend Lauren enough!

This plate is up on our wall in our Summit office. Can you spot the #diaphragm? Why do we keep chatting about this mystery #muscle 💪🏼 ?

Note the arrows. . .

**R side is higher then the L. (Red)

**attachments to the back muscles (yellow).

**much larger anchor on the R side of lumbar side (green).

The diaphragm integrates a lot with many contractile and non-contractile tissues. It’s uneven set-up creates normal imbalances in the anatomy of the body – this creates undo torque that in-turn may cause you to compensate and move in abnormal patterns that you are not aware of.

If you don’t know how to breathe properly during specific movements then you are going to have a problem☝️
Do you know how to inhale and exhale properly when you are performing “_______?”