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Michael (Neck & Hip Pain) – Mendham, NJ

I started to see Dimitry a number of months ago. I participated in contact and high-impact sports for many years and had been experiencing chronic pain, particularly in my hip and neck on opposite sides. I have had three cervical surgeries and am fused C4-T1.

He quickly determined that the two pain points were related and set me up with a series of exercises that I do nearly every day. They involve learning to breathe better/more efficiently and repositioning to improve mechanics. It is a very different form of PT than I have ever done before.

I saw results very quickly and pain relief has been significant. I am now able to exercise much more vigorously that I was able to before I started seeing Dimitry and importantly am no longer taking anti-inflammatories which was a primary goal. I feel like I am about 70% of the way to full pain relief which I did not think was possible before I started seeing Dimitry.

‘I am most grateful to him! This PT program has changed my life for the better! We will stay at it together until we get to the finish line which is now in sight.

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