Physical Therapy Summit NJ

Connect with each patient as if that client was to be the match that lights the fuse to what you dream of when it comes to your PT practice‼️ Will that client go home & talk about how amazing 🙌 her session was with you❓

. . . & if you’re the patient & are working with a PT that does not have the enthusiasm 🎉 that I’m talking about, you should ask him or her why. It’s most likely their environment & not you. Ask them if they have the time ⏰ to be able to treat the way they would want to treat their patients. Betcha you already know the answer to that question ✊ #movehealchange

Total PT Summit New Jersey

I have previously worked with other physical therapists and, hands down, Dimitry Polyakov and Total Physical Therapy are the BEST! Their focus, caring and responsiveness is unparalleled. Their unique approach generated quick results and not only improved my troubled back but also improved my overall body. The use of instructional videos of my myself to refer to when performing exercises at home enhanced my workouts. It is ironic that I actually enjoyed my time doing PT with Dimitry.

Summit New Jersey Total PHysical Therapy

Our bodies crave stability. What’s your stability strategy in stance❓Betcha it looks something like this! ⬆️

Short, tight & neurologically facilitated backs coupled with long & neurologically inhibited abs create a snowball effect that can create compensatory patterning, torque & pain anywhere above & below the pelvis & ribs ☝️.

But it’s super duper stable tho!

Patterns are habits. Sometimes we can’t escape them. Unless we’re shown that it’s possible. Then we practice🙌

What’s your stability pattern❓ . . .I mean habit⁉️ #movehealchange

Total Physical Therapy Summit New Jersey

Spending time on EDUCATION  with each patient is our jam❗️

That’s why our patients STAY BETTER 🙌 after they get better‼️

Breaking down their posture, stance, gait, hardware, software & making them realize that they’re in control of their recovery is a HUGE 👐 deal. We’re just the conductor 🎼 – they’re the 🎻 . They better know how to play it‼️👊💪#movehealchange

Summit New Jersey Total Physical Therapy

Our clients are all smiles 😃. . . but WHY❓

They can go hiking, play golf & run around with their kids because they’re pain free . . . . but HOW❓

They’ve put in a solid week of work ✊ in-house as well as doing all the right things at 🏠! … but what exactly is the secret sauce⁉️

DM us & we can chat! 💪 #movehealchange

Total Physical Therapy Summit New Jersey

Here’s what it looks like when it’s absolutely mobbed & super busy here @ Total Physical Therapy‼️😉

We only have one speed here. That speed is 1-on-1 all the time. we focus on attention to detail and making sure that every session each client leaves our office smarter then they were when they walked in. You need to know WHY the injury occurred. You need to know HOW to correct the underlying compensation patterns that have been trained into the movement. That’s now real change happens. One patient at a time. One hour at a time. Step by step.

Our Summit, New Jersey office is housed inside Crossfit Veracity, a crossfit gym. Our Bernardsville, New Jersey office is housed within Excel Fitness Cetner, a boutique private training outfit. Our Bridgwater, New Jersey office is housed with a 46K sq. ft. soccer sports complex that works with elite soccer programs such as PDA and BSC as well as professional soccer programs from all over the state of New Jersey.

You pick where you want to be and we’ll be there for you.

Just sayin’  #movehealchange

total physical therapy summit new jersey

Are you a mom (or dad) that is frustrated by not being able get back to doing the things you love because of pain? Or maybe the reason is because of past treatments for the same problem that didn’t work or they did work, but symptoms came back. If so then please listen up and watch this video!

physical therapy in Summit New Jersey

Is 10min. of quality time spent with your PT enough 😞 …. with the other 50-80min being passive modalities (…#dontwork) & working on movement on your own without any quality oversight?

What’s that worth to you?

What’s your ROI (return on investment) on quality time⁉️ What would YOU spend on 60min of 1-on-1 treatment with a movement specialist that actually listens 👂, teaches ✏️ & communicates 💬 the entire time with no one but you?💯

….. oh & that’s not just the 1st session. It’s for EVERY session

What is YOUR time worth to you❓what is your ROI ✊💪 #movehealchange

scoliosis summit new jersey

L-before😞 R – AFTER!😃👍

lumbar spines are never meant to pucker🍋. Save that for your lips!💋 They’re definitely NOT meant to deviate to the ↗️RIGHT if there’s no clinical signs of scoliosis (look @ space b/w body and L/R arms in L pic!)

That’s a lower ⬇️R shoulder and higher ⬆️L shoulder.

That’s L cervical ⬅️side-bending & rotation.

When you hold your breath for everything, you tend to end up looking a bit like this! ☝️

Your respiratory diaphragm will torque that lumbar spine and pelvis into slight & subtle R lumbopelvic rotation over time … thus creating a relative long R leg and short L leg …. thus creating reflexive counter-rotation of your rib cage to the L

Where’s the pain? Don’t care (I do, BUT I don’t) I care about POSITION & TENSION‼️

Let’s change position! Let’s unwind & create tension in a better ORIENTATION‼️

Then let’s stabilize & MOVE PAIN FREE!💡