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STOP STRETCHING YOUR HAMSTRINGS‼️ There’s a better way to get them to let go! Find out WHY they feel tight.☝️

This guy said he had tight hamstrings, BUT by the end of our 2nd session in 8 days, he was able to almost palm the floor for the first time in his life‼️

NO stretching was performed during PT or at home😮! Just TEACHING him how to create tension with his hamstrings, abs & glutes while working on inhalation & exhalation 💨 in a proper orientation so his pelvis & ribs could get into an ideal position.

Questions? Reach out to us & we can chat‼️ 💥

Our Summit, New Jersey office is located inside Crossfit Veracity, a Crossfit gym located in the heart of downtown Summit. We are part of the community of Summit, New Jersey and aim at providing concierge physical therapy services to patients who require the best care possible with results that are worth their investment.

Total PT Summit New Jersey

I have previously worked with other physical therapists and, hands down, Dimitry Polyakov and Total Physical Therapy are the BEST! Their focus, caring and responsiveness is unparalleled. Their unique approach generated quick results and not only improved my troubled back but also improved my overall body. The use of instructional videos of my myself to refer to when performing exercises at home enhanced my workouts. It is ironic that I actually enjoyed my time doing PT with Dimitry.

scoliosis summit new jersey

L-before😞 R – AFTER!😃👍

lumbar spines are never meant to pucker🍋. Save that for your lips!💋 They’re definitely NOT meant to deviate to the ↗️RIGHT if there’s no clinical signs of scoliosis (look @ space b/w body and L/R arms in L pic!)

That’s a lower ⬇️R shoulder and higher ⬆️L shoulder.

That’s L cervical ⬅️side-bending & rotation.

When you hold your breath for everything, you tend to end up looking a bit like this! ☝️

Your respiratory diaphragm will torque that lumbar spine and pelvis into slight & subtle R lumbopelvic rotation over time … thus creating a relative long R leg and short L leg …. thus creating reflexive counter-rotation of your rib cage to the L

Where’s the pain? Don’t care (I do, BUT I don’t) I care about POSITION & TENSION‼️

Let’s change position! Let’s unwind & create tension in a better ORIENTATION‼️

Then let’s stabilize & MOVE PAIN FREE!💡

physical therapy summit new jersey

Move well! Move often! Be active! 🙏

Being in Costa Rica with my family for the past week showed me what our kids can really do if there are no options other then being outside! 🏃‍🏃‍

But they are less likely to do it if you’re not there in the beginning. Lead by example. Show the next generation what you can do. 💪

& if there’s an obstacle that’s in the way preventing you from moving well & participating with your kids . . . DM us as we are always here to help 👍👊#movehealchange

sneaker wear pattern

You can tell plenty from an old pair of 👟 ‼️

Wherever the feet go so do the legs and pelvis.

But sometimes the pelvis controls the legs & thus the feet have to adapt.

Chest & ribs usually counter that with an opposite rotation/motion.

Neck usually counters & adapts based on position of the thorax.

There goes the wind-up and torque.  That may lead to a few complaints! 😩

1️⃣ find where the torque is
2️⃣ unwind
3️⃣ stabilize
4️⃣ integrate

🔵 Release into the wild and watch it run! #movehealchange

neck pain hip feet

3 weeks of severe/persistent R neck pain for this amazing phenom … resolved in 1 session & 3 days of 📚. We utilized just 2 movement patterns 😲 using the hips/pelvis & breathing … & taught her how to reset her pelvis•hip•ribcage position + gave her tips on how to appropriately recruit abdominal tension during inhalation🎈& exhalation 💨 .

Interesting how you can resolve neck pain & restore full ROM by looking @ the pelvis/hips + position.  … It’s called INTEGRATION!💥

Bonus points for changing her movement strategy w/regard to her shoulder girdle & neck even though we didn’t give her any work to do with her neck or shoulders. (1st pic)‼️

Double bonus points for her now having a normal arch (B) instead of a raised/high arch (B). (2nd pic) #movehealchange 🙌

posture breathing stability

What do we do when we have a sick day and can’t go to camp? PRI breathing of course! 💨

Breathing patterns are habits that are created early on in life. They’re based on how we breathe when we’re in static positions (standing/sitting) as well as when we’re in dynamic patterns (🏃‍,🏊‍, etc.)  ————————————————
It’s never too early to expose your kids to proper breathing strategies (just make it fun so they don’t think you’re a dork ) to create a stable rib-cage & pelvis so they have the appropriate strategies/habits of ideal abdominal bracing for a ’stacked’ upper & lower trunk. Especially if their posture is poor (swayback &/or rounded shoulders &/or forward head) & they’re not complaining of anything . . . YET!☝️😬

tmj and low back pain

Interesting case: working with a client yesterday who c/o low back pain. Had a feeling that his neck was involved. As I was working on his neck I noticed his jaw was shifted over to his ⬅️ (top pic.)

Maybe that’s not supposed to be over there? Maybe it’s involved as a player in his lower back pain? Maybe I should work on it?

NKT testing showed a functional integration relationship between his R jaw muscles (they deviate jaw to the opposite/L side) & his abdominals/core.

A bit of work on his R TMJ coupled with some breath work + abdominal bracing & 💥 Big time reduction in his lower back pain‼️ But wait ☝️. . . there was also a special bonus – his jaw reset itself to a more symmetrical locale 😮(bottom pic!) 🥳😬✊ #movehealchange