tmj and low back pain

TMJ and Low Back Pain

Interesting case: working with a client yesterday who c/o low back pain. Had a feeling that his neck was involved. As I was working on his neck I noticed his jaw was shifted over to his ⬅️ (top pic.)

Maybe that’s not supposed to be over there? Maybe it’s involved as a player in his lower back pain? Maybe I should work on it?

NKT testing showed a functional integration relationship between his R jaw muscles (they deviate jaw to the opposite/L side) & his abdominals/core.

A bit of work on his R TMJ coupled with some breath work + abdominal bracing & 💥 Big time reduction in his lower back pain‼️ But wait ☝️. . . there was also a special bonus – his jaw reset itself to a more symmetrical locale 😮(bottom pic!) 🥳😬✊ #movehealchange

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