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Breathing Habits & Posture

What do we do when we have a sick day and can’t go to camp? PRI breathing of course! 💨

Breathing patterns are habits that are created early on in life. They’re based on how we breathe when we’re in static positions (standing/sitting) as well as when we’re in dynamic patterns (🏃‍,🏊‍, etc.)  ————————————————
It’s never too early to expose your kids to proper breathing strategies (just make it fun so they don’t think you’re a dork ) to create a stable rib-cage & pelvis so they have the appropriate strategies/habits of ideal abdominal bracing for a ’stacked’ upper & lower trunk. Especially if their posture is poor (swayback &/or rounded shoulders &/or forward head) & they’re not complaining of anything . . . YET!☝️😬

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