Total Physical Therapy:  Elite Rehabilitation
Dimitry Polyakov PT, Cert. MDT.

I have many clients who come to me with one basic question.  What can you do for my pain that hasn’t been tried already?  I will always answer their question with one of mine:  do you want me to get rid of your pain, or do we want to get rid of the root cause of your pain?  The quandary with the statement is that people think it is one and the same.    The true answer lies in making the proper diagnosis for your condition.  It is quite easy to get rid of lower back pain or shoulder pain or knee pain – for the moment.  What isn’t easy is finding why the pain is there in the first place and getting rid of it once and for all.  Finding the irritants that are producing the ache and using reconstructive techniques to abolish them is the only way for complete recovery to occur.

The real questions are ones that I ask from the body:  what clues are you going to give me to find not some, but all of the reasons for the pain production that the client is feeling.  At Total Physical Therapy, I work with each client individually throughout the course of each session and use cutting edge manual as well as therapeutic exercise and lengthening techniques from both eastern and western medicinal roots to normalize and up-regulate joint and muscle pathology, disc and neurogenic dysfunction in addition to a plethora of other neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

The difference is simple – if the diagnosis is right, if the treatment is precise and accurately directed at abolishing the root cause of pain, then the condition will be permanently eliminated and will not return.  Client follow-through with a customized home exercise program via CD-ROM ensures proper compliance at home upon discharge.