Tight Hamstrings? Maybe NOT!

“He needs to stretch his hamstrings” -every doctor who has seen this client touch his toes.
Guess what ⁉️ At a glance you can see where they might come to this conclusion (picture on the left ⬅️) but…everyone knows what happens when you make assumptions!
This is not a magical before and after in one session, but the result from assessing, reassessing & assessing some more…AKA putting in the time. His straight leg raise was good – a test that indicates this is not an issue with hamstring flexibility.
The key 🔑 for this client was improving his strategy—working on control of his spine, pelvis, and hips💪 Stretching his hamstrings would have been an easy intervention to choose (likely ineffective), but we don’t do easy…we do thorough. 👊 #movehealchange

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