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What’s Your Pace of Physical Therapy?

Heard on a @timferriss podcast recently & it really resonated with me‼️

Fits most applications in our world as well as yours. What’s your pace? Is it appropriate for your goals, dreams, aspirations❓ When do you want to get “there❓” #movehealchange
We tell most clients who are interested in our services that we want them to learn how to treat themselves rather then relying on us to treat them. Of course we do treat our patients, but ultimately we wish for them to understand their injury and their pain. We need them to learn how to move better and be aware of their posture and movement patterns. We want them to practice their movements and learn their movements between sessions. This creates patterns and habits that then replace the compensatory strategies that created their pain in the first place.
This allows us to treat our clients 1-2x/wk for only a few weeks instead of having someone commit to spending hours upon hours each week being stuck in physical therapy getting passive modalities and relying on someone else to ‘fix’ them rather then learning how to fix themselves.

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