Looking ahead to a great web-based video series with collaboration between Total-PT & Sneaker Factory of Florham Park.  Everyone has aches and pains when it comes to running.  Shin Splints, IT Band Syndrome, Knee pain and the list goes on and on.  We’re here to break it all down for you and go through the various injury types and create possible solutions for the runner that wants to just get out and run.  Keep checking back for the first video and the series ahead!

Little did you know that there actually is a right and wrong way of sneezing and coughing.  A little quick fix and your chances of hurting your lower back while performing these simple tasks flies out the window.  Check this out folks!

So how does the height of your seat impact your low back pain, ease of sitting and capacity to maintain appropriate posture? It’s all about the hips and the knees.  In this case . . . size DOES matter!  Check it out!

The third pose that we’re going to take a look at within the Sun Salutation is the Down Dog.  Proper hand placement, shoulder stabilization along with appropriate spinal and pelvic control is integral in getting into and maintaining this pose.  Check out this quick video for details.

The second pose within the Sun Salutation progression is the Upward Facing Dog.  Extension through the thighs, foot position and stability within the shoulder complex are all critical elements of this portion of the pose.  Breakdowns are abound.  Check this video out for the specifics and what you need to watch out for!

Part 1 in a series to address Yoga poses with their progressions coupled with proper mechanics and appropriate mobility.  These videos will be here to take a more in-depth look at what occurs when breakdown in form forces the Yoga practitioner to compensate and eventually place themselves at risk for injury.  In this video Lululemon Ambassador Anne Britt and Total-PT’s Lauren Beasley will look @ the Sun Salutation  progression along with the appropriate cuing and body mechanics that are involved.


Everyone’s heard of Sciaica. How do you stretch out the nerve? Can you? While we are at it lets take care of the Femoral nerve as well. Everyone knows that your muscles tighten up over time and you need to stretch them out.  Well . . . your nerves get tight as well and you need to know how to ‘floss’ them out so you can get rid of the ‘fuzz!’  Sure beats having pain. Check this out!