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Total Physical Therapy & Equestrian Sports

Had a fantastic time breaking down movement with a couple of my amazing clients who just happen to want to move better while riding their horses🐎‼️

We do NOT assess/treat horses 🐴 – just wanted to start out with that☝️. But when a human moves poorly on the ground, you bet your ponies that their horses are going move differently when that human decides to use poor weight shifting strategies while riding them. These amazing animals are much more sensitive then we are so they will either shift properly or will react to your crappy movement compensations.

Working together with their trainer, we were able to come up with several cues & strategies that were able to correct a good amount of stubborn issues that were not being addressed through traditional means. 🙌👏

Thank you 🙏 Hunter’s Crossing Farm & Sarah Stewart for being such great hosts! We had a blast working with you! Cheers 🥂 to the possibilities. #movehealchange #equestrian

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