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Total Physical Therapy – Quality, NOT Quantity!

How often do you need to go to physical therapy to get better?

Our version of the same question “below” has a bit of a twist‼️

How often do you need to go to Total-PT to STAY better?

Our patients are all smileswhen they know what to do if their pain starts to come back‼️ They’ve been heard, understood, taught & were able to learn how to move better & get themselves out of pain. We have three locations: Bernardsville, Summit & Bridgewater, New Jersey to help you get going!

We know that not every day is perfect, but that’s why it’s SO important that each client understands the process & doesn’t just follow the little yellow ball without understanding their condition. What were the reasons for the injury or complaint? What were the compensation patterns? How do we resolve them? How do we build in resilience and stability? How do we problem solve when you start to feel symptoms❓

Our patients understand that it’s up to them to stay better! It’s up to Total-PT to give them the tools that they need to succeed💥 #movehealchange

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