Posture and alignment

David – Warren, New Jersey

I’ll say this, if you’re living within his treatment area in NJ and are living “in pain” or “off-center” in any way, you really should go see Dimitry Polyakov at Total Physical Therapy.

Here is my story:
We go to the same pool and the kids/parents are all buddies. One day Dimitry came over to me and said, “I’ve been watching you all day and you’ve been standing on your right foot all day.” Then we chatted about life, weight loss, awful posture, and such…. then I became cognizant of it while I was only standing on my right foot. I eventually reached out to Dimitry and made an appointment. He immediately noted that my rib cage was higher and off to the left side of my body and that my right leg was “longer” than my left leg. 3-4 sessions later, my chest was almost level and straight and my legs were basically the same length. I did put in the work and seriously did all assigned exercises as assigned. I’m taller (standing up taller), I don’t have chest pain, and every so often I breath deep down into my flanks (i.e. love handles). For those of you who think you cannot break a sweat doing nothing but deep breathing exercises in various positions, you might be wrong…

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