Now we know why we posteriorly tilt when we squat and round out our lower backs.  But how do we stretch the tight structures that create that “dumping out” effect?  There are 3 main muscle groups that contribute to this effect.  What are they?  Curious?  Well . . . You know what to do!


So we know about the squat and what happens when we loose form on the bottom end (see last video.) We “dump out” at the pelvis. But why?  The answer lies in the length of the three main muscle groups.  1. Hamstrings  2. Glutes  3. Adductors.  If they are tight or in spasm, they will pull the pelvis into a posterior tilt or a “dump-out.”  Watch this video to understand what I’m talking about and take a look at your own squat.


Do you know how to squat properly? You think you do, but really? Tim Carroll from CrossFit 908 shows you proper squatting technique and a common error seen at the bottom of a full squat range of motion. It’s important so listen up!


The all-in-one exercise that utilizes the Glut-Medius for all that it’s built to do!  You need balance.  You need stability.  You obviously need to move so you also need dynamic ability.  Control the hinge and you control the Glut!

So you know how to release the Glut-Medius through deep tissue, screen for its weakness & move properly utilizing appropriate allignment (see prior videos for these,) but how do we work on the Glut-Medius functionally.  How do we use the muscle in isolation, but still use it while weight bearing?  This is quite relevant because you can strengthen these muscles through machines in the gym or by lying on your side and raising the leg, but that doesn’t really translate to the real world since we don’t use that muscle while sitting or while lying down.  How do we get that Glut-Medius to activate in a way that the brain actually understands? Check it!

Really folks! If there is only one thing that I would do to the hip to open it up and release tension, increase mobility and reduce unwanted drag, this would be it. One thing!  Why just one thing?  Well . . . there are many ways to deep tissue various regions of the hip, but most of the time the most restricted area is the Glut-Medius.  As per the previous videos, you cannot stretch it out well independently and the fibers of the muscle are usually “jammed” because of the sitting that we do and the lack of overall mobility that we don’t get because of the jobs that we have.  So just watch this and find out how you can help yourself get “supple!”

So how do we really stretch out the Glut. Medius. More importantly why would we? Why not just strengthen the hips? Because it doesn’t work that way! Watch this video and find out the how and why?

So everyone talks about the “Glutes.”  The muscles that look to push you through a squat or that accelerate you past your opponent.  The muscles that allows you to come through the ball when you swing that golf club or bat and that allows you to elevate past that defender when you’re aiming for the hoop.  What folks don’t realize is the importance of the “little guy” underneath the big brother Maximus.  Without STABILITY, there’s no way that the Glutes are going to do much of anything.  Check out the video and lets dive in to the details and how we can get you faster, more powerful, more explosive, but with CONTROL!  Oh . . . and without GETTING HURT!

So here’s the info you’ve been looking for regarding headaches and why most people get them for “no reason”.   There is a reason silly!   It’s not really about the head.  It’s about the neck and it’s position on the body.  It’s all about alignment and what occurs underneath the head when you’re slouching or when you’re in a good sitting/standing position.  It’s that simple!  Check out the video for answers.