Single Limb Stance

Balance & Stability: Single Limb Stance Test

This is a simple test yet so many people fail it when we assess them. SINGLE LIMB STANCE. This tells us a lot about how you stand and move. Do you see a pattern here? Hips forward & chest back😕
I can guarantee that most of you know this ‘posture’ or ‘habit’ you see here is not ideal. But WHY?
Because you’re not generating tension in the appropriate areas & are ‘hanging’ on your spine & hips instead of using appropriate bracing strategies. 👆
What if …… you could LEARN HOW to do that without even thinking about it (#habit) – just think of the ripple effects that could have when you WALK (single limb stance 85% of the time😲) or RUN (single limb stance 100% of the time!😲) #movehealchange

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