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Perspective is Key

I acquired this piece of driftwood about 1 year ago when my wife and I took a trip to Sonoma, California for a short holiday away. Couldn’t walk away from the quote that was burned into the wood! Around the same time that we were there, the fires started. Those fires brutally ravaged the state of California and destroyed so so much. But California recovered, California moved on. Strong leadership, resilience on behalf of the people & time healed so much.

Perspective is everything in times like these. Yes – what we are going through is bad to say the least. Acceptance & adaptation is hard during this time, but absolutely necessary in order to be able to put one foot in front of the other. It’s necessary to be able to create positive change in the face of something that is trying to tear us down. The other side of this proverbial coin I would rather keep face down.

I’d like to think that we can take advantage of these times in some way. All of us (including me) have had the narrative of not having enough time to take care of ourselves prior to this virus situation. This quarantine is not exactly a vacation as we have responsibilities for working remotely from home, schooling our children remotely, taking care of the home as now everyone has congregated indefinitely inside our walls, etc,. But it’s pretty safe to say that, generally most of us do have the fortunate luxury of having just a bit more time for ourselves than we did prior to this debacle.

Take advantage. We know the healthier you are, the better your response to this virus. Social distancing is a given of course. Walk briskly outside. Go hiking. Ride the stationary bike if you have one. Get on the treadmill if you have one. Breathe better. Learn how to position yourself in ways that increases your ability to exchange oxygen with less resistance and more mobility. If you have questions on what you can do to help improve your ability to breathe better – DM us. We have a few tools you can use immediately

Perspective! #movehealchange

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