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Lauren Beasley Shanaphy 7 Year Anniversary with Total-PT

Lucky 7! Seven Years ago today Total-PT welcomed Lauren Beasley (now Lauren Beasley Shanaphy) to it’s crew. Since that time our practice has thrived under her guidance & attention to detail‼️ 

Today also coincides with her return from maternity leave. She’s now a proud momma to boot!👏👏🎉

She has been the primary compass 🧭 in choosing what coursework & direction to take our practice in. Our clinical skillset is constantly evolving under her guidance. Total-PT & our practice would not be in the place that it is now if it wasn’t for this girl!

Thank you Lauren for everything that you do 🙌👊…. it never goes without notice‼️ Here’s to the next 7!💥 #movehealchange

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