low back pain summit new jersey

Can’t say enough good things about Dimitry and Total Physical Therapy. Dimitry created a customized program with an approach specific to my needs. I was dealing with a herniated disc and wanted to avoid surgery. After the initial assessment, Dimitry attacked my overall biomechanics that caused the issue. Within a few sessions the progress was incredible! Most importantly, I understood the “what” and the “why” and have been able to translate that into my day-to-day lifestyle. In addition, videos of everything we worked on gave me a virtual coach and easy reference to ensure progress between sessions.

I have received physical therapy in the past and the cookie-cutter approach it offers. After working with Total Physical Therapy, I now know why the issues was never full resolved. The best way I can articulate this is to say I kept putting new tires on a car with terrible alignment. So of course one side kept wearing down. There’s still work to do, but I am very confident that I now have the proper foundation in place. I am more excited than ever to try to tackle them with a body that is functioning as optimally as possible.

Thank you Dimitry & Total-PT!

HAPPY FRIDAY! Look at this handsome devil! 😊Haven’t see him in almost 3 years since his last complaint of L knee pain. Still amazes me what can happen to posture in under 90min. 👏 when the proper intervention is given. This guy’s got homework to do☝️, but his right-sided knee pain is now absent after 1 session! 💥
Taking the time to assess properly & ask all the pertinent questions goes a long way in driving proper initial treatment. 🤓This means less treatment sessions. That means less 💰 wasted on treatments that don’t create lasting change! That is #efficiency!
Guess I’ll see him back in another 3 years or so!🙌

Remember this guy? After his 3rd session we now have this: 😮
**no neck pain & no head tilt ✅
**full cervical aROM ✅
**level scapula (B) ✅
**relaxed lower back ✅
**relaxed arm position ✅
What do you look like after YOUR 3rd session?☝️
What do you FEEL like after your 3rd session?
Best part of all of this is that he now KNOWS what to do to NOT have this happen again. Why? Because we’ve put in the TIME to learn & practice the exercises that he needs to maintain his posture!k