How can Total-PT help the CROSSFIT athlete


In order to perform movements such as a squat, overhead press, muscle-up, double-under, dead-lift, clean & jerk, etc., you need the following:

  • STABILITY: a strong foundation of your joints so you can push off without injury
  • MOBILITY: the joints need to have FULL active and passive range of motion within their normal pathways
  • DYNAMIC ABILITY: taking resistance of any kind (body weight, medicine ball, kettle-bell, etc.,) and being able to safely accelerate and decelerate that force

Deficits in any of these 3 areas WILL increase injury risk and WILL absolutely limit performance output. The CrossFit community values the safety of its athletes emphasizing technique and scaling workouts to individual capacity, but ultimately coaches are limited to providing modifications or substitutions during WODs for injured athletes.

  • YOU – the CrossFit athlete – NEED TO KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BODY! We diagnose and treat the underlying cause of pain limiting performance and provide our athletes with the tools to manage and prevent problems.
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Located within CrossFit Veracity, our clinicians not only treat CrossFit athletes, but are collegiate & CrossFit athletes themselves. Total-PT regularly performs mobility screenings & workshops at various affiliates in the area & works with our clients & their coaches to help return the athletes to the box as quickly as possible.

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