It is our thought that everyone should know and understand how to move appropriately, function efficiently and be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves. If you understand what proper movement looks and feels like then you don’t have to wait for pain, stiffness or loss of function to let you know that something is wrong. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that there is inefficiency with your body’s ability to move well.

There IS such a thing as poor movement and good movement. It’s physics. You cannot argue gravity. You, therefore, cannot argue proper biomechanics of your body’s ability to move efficiently and with proper form. Your body, on the other hand, does not know right from wrong – unless it was taught. You will cheat, or compensate, in order to succeed in any form of movement that is inefficient. What’s worse is that your body won’t tell you that it’s cheating. It will, however, let you know when it’s tired of cheating or runs out of ways to compensate for poor biomechanics – it’s called pain!