“Total Physical Therapy” was born out of one physical therapist’s frustration of the “puppy mill/conveyor belt” therapy centers that have purveyed our health care system for years. Its founder, Dimitry Polyakov PT, DPT, Cert. MDT had a vision of a Physical Therapy practice which would be truly different from all the rest. A center who’s clients would be able to receive complete and premium physical therapy care. Where:

  • Treatments are given on a one-on-one fashion each and every time for every session by the same therapist
  • Your physical therapist has an exclusive, professional and caring relationship with you from the start of therapy to the day of discharge
  • You pick the time when you want to be seen, not the front desk
  • You can contact your therapist at any time of day or night with questions, concerns, etc.
  • Your therapist keeps regular contact with the you to make sure that everything is to your highest satisfaction
  • Video conferencing when away on business or vacation
  • Trust and caring is the norm rather then the exception.