How Can Total PT Help the Yoga Student?

In order to explore and sustain yoga poses ranging from a calming child’s pose and stress-relieving downward facing dog as well as master the challenges of inversions and balancing postures, you need more than just flexibility- you need the following:

  • STABILITY:  the ability to hold and control your joints to create a strong foundation for all asanas
  • MOBILITY:  joints must be able to move into the correct position for each pose as a result of soft tissue and joint mobility
  • BALANCE:  multiple systems including vision, vestibular, and neuromuscular working together to coordinate movement throughout your postures.
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Yoga is often considered a safe and gentle exercise as well as a way to connect mind and body for health and wellness.  Individuals of all abilities frequently turn to yoga to improve stability, mobility and balance without realizing that underlying deficits increase injury risk and like all physical activities, yoga can exacerbate, aggravate or cause injury.

In group yoga classes, teachers can offer their students modifications for many postures.  Ultimately, however, teachers have limited ability to troubleshoot individual needs in a group setting

At Total PT, we diagnose and treat the underlying cause of pain and limitations hindering your practice and provide our clients with the tools to manage and prevent problems.  By understanding the mechanics of movement and how they affect yoga poses, our clinicians successfully help clients of all abilities take their yoga practice to the next level.

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